fresno auto broker

redstarThe typical used car deal yields a profit of between $ 1500 and $ 2500. per car deal

The salesman handling the deal typically makes $ 500. per car deal

The broker bringing the deal to the table usually makes $ 300.


Any broker in the business quickly learns

what type of car and what credit score is required

to close the deal


typically steers the buyer to an appropriate dealer

depending on the down payment offered by the buyer

and the credit score of the buyer


A good broker will have standing agreements with the dealers

for a reduced price on every vehicle

in exchange for the done deal

Think of it as an outside salesperson

who only gets paid

when the sale is completed


Brokers must be licensed dealers

and brokers must be bonded and insured


When you are looking for your next car

consider a bonded, insured and licensed broker


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