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california has a new dmv director, congratulations jean

SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments.

Jean Shiomoto, 57, of Sacramento, has been appointed director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, where she has been acting director since 2013 and has served in multiple positions since 1988, including chief deputy director, chief of operations, deputy director of the communication programs division, chief financial officer, advisor to the director and chief deputy director, controller, fiscal officer, cost accounting manager and systems development manager. She was an accounting administrator at the California Franchise Tax Board in 1988 and served in multiple positions at the California Department of General Services from 1980 to 1988, including fiscal systems manager, systems development analyst and auditor. Shiomoto was an auditor at the California Department of Developmental Services in 1980. She is a member of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Board of Directors and president of the Asian Community Center of Sacramento Valley Board of Directors. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $150,000. Shiomoto is a Democrat.


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car dealer compliance tips from the #realcardealerschool

we recently met with larry, executive director of IADAC

and we discussed the need for enhanced car dealer education

in that regard

we offer specific tips for continued compliance

for existing california car dealers

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car dealer sales tip:…..every buyer should get shiny new license plates ( $ 19. )

Standard California license plates are issued when you buy a new vehicle, replace lost, stolen, or mutilated plates, or turn in special interest license plates. License plates identify the type of registration you have (commercial, passenger, trailer, etc.) and provide law enforcement a means of locating the owner through DMV records. Standard license plates can be replaced by submitting an application for duplicate plates, or by visiting a DMV field office.

Passenger Vehicles

passenger vehicle license plate passenger vehicle license plate passenger vehicle license plate

passenger vehicle license plate passenger vehicle license plate passenger vehicle license plate

Exclusions: The letters I, O, and Q are not used in the first or third alpha positions of the alpha-numeric series.

Statutory Authority: Vehicle Code (VC) §§4850, 9250 and Revenue and Taxation Code (RT) §§10751, 10752

Commercial Motor Vehicles

commercial motor vehicle license plate commercial motor vehicle license plate commercial motor vehicle license plate

commercial motor vehicle license plate commercial motor vehicle license plate

Exclusions: The letters I and O are not used in the six-digit alpha-numeric series. I, O, and Q are not used in the seven-digit alpha-numeric series.

Statutory Authority: VC §§4840, 9250.1, 9400 and RT §§10751, 10752


reflectorized motorcyclew license plate yellow on blue motorcycle license plate

Statutory Authority: VC §§4850, 9250.1 and RT §§ 10751, 10752

Permanent Trailer Identification License Plates

permanent trailer identification license plate

In 2001, the Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI) program went into effect with registrations expiring and trailers being registered for the first time in California on or after December 31, 2001. Camp trailers are subject to the new law, but trailer coaches, and park trailers are excluded. For more information on the PTI program follow this link.

Statutory Authority: VC §§5011, 5014.1, 5017

Trailer License Plates

reflectorized trailer license plate reflectorized trailer license plate reflectorized trailer license plate

yellow on blue trailer license plate

Issued to trailer coaches and park trailers.

Exclusions: The letters I, O, and Q are not used.

Statutory Authority: VC §§4850, 9250.1 and RT §§10751, 10752

dmv red history stickers

AB1215 Signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown

Beginning July 1, 2012 all California auto dealers must run vehicle history reports

through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information Service (NMVTIS).

Compliance is not achieved with Carfax, AutoCheck or any other non-NMVTIS reports.

NMVTIS reports are available at:

  The purpose of the report is to identify vehicles with branded titles, such as salvage, lemon-law, flood, etc.

If a dealer chooses to sell a vehicle with a branded title,

he must affix a red warning sticker to the vehicle so a customer is aware of the branded title status.

On July 1, 2012 dealers may charge an additional $10 on the doc fee to offset the cost of the report.


how do licensed car dealers complete the vehicle registration for the buyer ???

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#realcardealerschool contracts required for commissioned salespersons

car dealer compliance tips from the #realcardealerschool

we recently met with larry, executive director of IADAC

and we discussed the need for enhanced car dealer education

in that regard

we offer specific tips for continued compliance

for existing california car dealers

automotive salespersons on commission must have a contract

recent california case law has determined that

automotive salespersons being paid on a commission basis

must have a written contract

describing terms and conditions of payment

and those conditions must ensure compliance

with the state of california minimum wage and overtime provisions

automotive salespersons commission contract guidelines


dmv certified car dealer education since 1998

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has jeff brody at redpoint read the dmv used car dealer handbook ??

Beepi expands to Los Angeles and Launches “Beepi Prime”

Beepi, the leading peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell pre-owned cars online, today announced it is expanding services beyond the Bay Area for sellers, and outside of California for buyers.

While Los Angeles residents have been able to purchase cars through Beepi, they will now be able to seamlessly sell their vehicles online as well. In response to high consumer demand, L.A. sellers will be able to easily schedule an appointment to have their cars inspected and Beepi-certified right in their driveways or at their places of business, get professional car photos taken and receive a guaranteed price and sale in 30-days.

In addition to this expansion, the company is launching Beepi Prime, a premium delivery service, in 140 cities in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. There, buyers can now take advantage of the same customized service Californians have enjoyed since Beepi’s launch in April. Beepi Prime gives buyers an unparalleled personalized shipping experience in which they are updated about the status of their car every step of the way, culminating in the delivery of a fully detailed car in their driveway in five days or less and a personal car tour from a professional Beepi inspector upon arrival. Should any buyers choose to return a car, Beepi provides a 10-day money-back guarantee. In addition to this total refund, all cars are subject to a three-month, 3,000-mile warranty.

Beepi has already made significant strides in reshaping the antiquated process of buying and selling cars by offering direct sales to customers 100% online. The company is currently receiving 1,000 requests a week to sell the cars of residents in the San Francisco Bay Area alone.  This expansion comes hot on the heels of Beepi’s acceptance of bitcoin as a method of payment. Through Beepi’s partnership with BitPay, a buyer can now purchase a Beepi car using bitcoin while the seller still receives cash. The company also offers prospective buyers immediate pre-approval for loans at checkout. With these initiatives, buyers can pay for any car in the Beepi marketplace with a traditional car loan, a bank transfer, cashier’s check, up to six different credit cards at once or bitcoin.

For more information on cities participating in Beepi Prime, please go

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beepi is a new used car dealer model

and using their wealthy uber backers combined with disruptive technology

they are attempting to change the current used car automotive sales industry

their rogue actions and blatant violation of the basic car dealer rules

have made dmv officials at the highest levels take notice


the biggest problem with disruptive technology

and the used car automotive sales industry

is a nearly 100 year tradition of the government

building strong consumer protections into the law

which beepi and crew, with arrogance has chosen to bypass


here are a few of the basic flaws with the model


their los altos location is unlicensed

their santa cruz location is virtually empty and not a working retail location as licensed by the dmv

their consignment agreement does not comply with current california dmv regulations


the glaring omission of a federal buyers guide posted on each vehicle offered for sale

could merit a $16k fine per vehicle sold if so ordered by the DMV or the FTC

this violation alone could derail and its disruptive technology model


none of the vehicles advertised on the website have buyers guides posted

a buyers guide must be posted on every vehicle offered for sale by licensed dealers

the offering of any used vehicle requires a current smog, safety check and vehicle history report

BEFORE the car is offered for sale

the division 12 safety check must be conducted at arms length from the dealership

by a licensed mechanic, and at last check and carsavvy inc do not have a current BAR license


current advertising rules require the posting of a license plate or the last 6 of the VIN on each ad

current advertising rules require the posting of each ad at the dealers licensed location

current advertising rules prohibit the black friday and cyber monday offers made by


current dmv rules only allow deliveries by licensed autobrokers of brokered vehicles is the apparent licensed dealer of record

and does not have a current autobroker endorsement on their license

the disruptive technology model bypasses the licensed location entirely

and makes delivery to the customer bypassing significant notice postings required in each dealership

+++ advertises certified used cars using an

improper certified vehicle designation

as per the car buyer bill of rights enacted in july 2006


as the premier provider of car dealer education in california

we believe it is paramount for a $65M used car dealer startup

to adhere to the same rules and regulations imposed on every other car dealer


giving allowances to the wealth or arrogance of

and their disruptive technology model

is a slap in the face

to every law abiding car dealer we have ever taught

and really sets the stage for total chaos for the dmv licensing folks


im sure there will be more to follow on the story




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car dealers remember and support law enforcement

And the “R” they are worthy of in return

By Alan Barcelona, President, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association

A Message To Our Members, Sworn & Non-Sworn:

Every law enforcement officer who wears a badge has taken an oath to protect and to serve,  even at his or her own peril.  On a daily basis, these fine, brave men and women RESPOND to calls for help and to very dangerous situations. They RESCUE citizens from harmful individuals and  accidents and in doing so, RISK their own safety and their lives.  They are in the face of danger and often have to make split-second decisions to save others and to save themselves.  Not every human is cut out for this stressful but proud profession and not every human is willing to make that kind of sacrifice for the safety of another, most often, a complete stranger.

In the wake of the “use of force” cases that are currently in the national spotlight, the anti-police rhetoric that has  followed, and the December 20th assassinations of New York City Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos – I want to remind the citizens of California and this nation, that no one puts more on the line each and every day than our law enforcement officers, our firefighters and those who serve in our military.

These law enforcement officers have families – they are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews and cousins.  They, like anyone else who goes to work, have a right to return home to their families at the end of their shifts.

Our law enforcement officers feel the anger and hatred from some of those they have taken an oath to protect, and that hurts.  Our law enforcement officers are in the thick of protestors who hurl rocks and bottles at them as the officers work to keep people and property safe, and that is sinful.  For misguided individuals to stand up in front of microphones and cameras denouncing the peace officers in this country is a shame.

Our law enforcement officers would never demand our RESPECT, they don’t have to – they are worthy of it.  My message to the law-abiding citizens in  this state and in the country is this: Don’t let our law enforcement officers stand alone to shoulder the brunt of anti-police rhetoric that is making headlines.  Let your officers know you are there for them just as they are there for you.  A kind word, a letter, a blue light on your porch.  Be the eyes and ears of our law enforcement officers and please watch their backs.

To our law enforcement officers:  Be safe, be true to your oath, take the necessary precautions to ensure you return home to your loved ones and stand tall!  The silent majority will rise to the occasion and thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

car dealer license questions answered @gotplates on twitter

car dealer plates ???

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personal use tax ???

our resident expert Joseph

runs the gotplates twitter account

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new labeling rules for BHPH car dealerships

BHPH Dealer Requirements

The new legislation requires BHPH dealers, on every vehicle sold or leased, to:

Restrict the use of global positioning satellite (GPS) and starter interrupt devices,
unless the buyer has been advised. As with all consumer advisory requirements, the
department recommends the advisory statement be in writing and the buyer’s
signature is obtained on such written document.

Affix and prominently display a label on any used vehicle offered for retail sale that
states the reasonable market value of the vehicle. The label must meet all of the
following conditions:

—Printed with a heading in at least 16-point bold type that reads


with text at least 12-point type.

—Located adjacent to the Used Car Buyer’s Guide located prominently and
conspicuously on the vehicle so that it is readily readable.

—Identify all equipment included with the vehicle.

—Contain the information used to determine the reasonable market value of the
vehicle, including, but not limited to, the use of a nationally recognized pricing
guide for used vehicles.

—Contain the date the reasonable market value was determined.

—Indicate that the reasonable market value is being provided only for comparison
shopping and is not the retail sales price or the advertised price of the vehicle.


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established in April 1998

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DLR license 35862

most of are competitors are unlicensed

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DMV list of car dealer school providers as of 2014


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