salinas car dealer classes

joseph is our instructor for the central coast


we teach in aptos often at noon

we teach in salinas at noon

we teach evenings in san luis obispo

we teach in santa barbara at noon


in house financing requires a 30 day warranty

AB 1447 (Feuer)
Automobile sales finance: sellers.

The Rees-Levering Motor Vehicle Sales and Finance Act regulates conditional sales contracts for motor vehicles, and, among other things, requires a person selling or leasing a motor vehicle under a conditional sale contract to disclose certain information to the buyer of the vehicle.

A willful violation of those provisions is a misdemeanor and may render the contract unenforceable. A seller who violates the provisions of the act may also be liable to the buyer for monetary damages.

This bill requires a buy-here-pay-here dealer, as defined, to issue a 30-day or 1,000-mile warranty to the buyer or lessee of a used vehicle bought or leased at retail price, and would require the warranty to cover the engine, transmission, drive axle, front and rear wheel drive components, engine cooling system, brakes, front and rear suspension systems, steering, seatbelts, inflatable restraint systems, catalytic converter or other emissions components, heater, seals and gaskets, electrical, electronic, and computer components, alternator, generator, starter, and ignition system.

The bill requires the buy-here-pay-here dealer to either repair those covered parts that fail or, at the buy-here-pay-here dealers election, to cancel the sale or lease and reimburse the buyer or lessee, as specified.

The bill requires the buy-here-pay-here dealer to pay 100% of the cost of labor and parts for any repairs under the warranty.

The bill voids any sales agreement for the purchase or lease of a vehicle that waives, limits, or disclaims these requirements.

The bill provides that a warranty is deemed to have been issued if a buy-here-pay-here dealer fails to issue a warranty pursuant to these provisions.

The bill prohibits a buy-here-pay-here dealer from requiring the buyer to make payments in person, with the exception of the downpayment for the vehicle,

The bill prohibits the buy-here-pay-here dealer from repossessing the vehicle or charging a penalty following timely payment of a deferred downpayment.

The bill prohibits the buy-here-pay-here dealer from, after the sale of the vehicle, tracking the vehicle using electronic tracking technology and from disabling the vehicle with starter interrupt technology, except as specified, and would make a violation of these prohibitions a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

The bill also makes findings and declarations related to buy-here-pay-here dealers, and would authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to promulgate any necessary regulations.

The federal buyers guide must be posted to reflect a 30 day 1000 mile warranty if buy here pay here financing is offered within the dealership.


AB 1534 (Wieckowski)
Vehicles: dealers: used vehicle sales: labeling requirements.

Existing law regulates the accuracy of information provided to consumers during vehicle sales, including the information contained in advertising, brochures, and manuals, as specified.

Existing law also requires manufacturers, as specified, to disclose certain information regarding a vehicles engine, as specified, by affixing a label on the vehicle. A violation of these provisions is an infraction.

This bill requires a licensed dealer, as defined, to affix to and to prominently and conspicuously display a label on any used vehicle offered for retail sale that states the reasonable market value of the vehicle.

The bill requires the label to contain specified information used to determine the vehicles reasonable market value and the date the value was determined.

The bill requires a licensed dealer to provide to a prospective buyer of the used vehicle a copy of any information obtained from a nationally recognized pricing guide that the licensed dealer used to determine the reasonable market value of the vehicle.

The bill requires the label to meet all the following conditions:


a)   Be in writing with a heading that reads “REASONABLE

MARKET VALUE OF THIS VEHICLE” in at least 16-point bold

type and text in at least 12-point type.


b)   Be located adjacent to the window sticker identifying

the equipment provided with the vehicle, or if none,

located prominently and conspicuously on the vehicle.


c)   Contain the information used to determine the reasonable

market value, including, but not limited to, use of a

nationally recognized pricing guide for used vehicles, and

the date the reasonable market value was determined.


d)   Indicate that the reasonable market value is being

provided only for comparison shopping and is not the retail

sale price or the advertised price of the vehicle.


The bill defines “nationally recognized pricing guide” as including,

but not limited to, the Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, the Black

Book, or the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA)





we make it simple for you
car dealer education


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Advertise your dealership long after the sale! Constructed of weather-resistant, high-impact BLACK polystyrene. Your message is screen printed directly onto the frame. Minimum order is 125 frames. Orders are subject to a 10% overrun/under run and are charged accordingly. When ordering, please note the following in the information field shown above. (1) Desired imprint on top & bottom panels. (2) Desired Imprint Color (colors available: White, Yellow, Red or Orange (3) Whether you want 2 or 4 holes. We will fax over a layout for approval. Any changes other than corrections, may incur an art charge. Die Charges: $150.00 One-Time Die charge on orders of 125. Any order of of 250 or more frames is $50.00 One-Time Dei charge. All re-orders do NOT incur any die charges.
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do you want the best car dealer school in california ???


Click on an city for class locations, times and information:

Private Classes for Renewal and Pre-License Students
We provide you the ability to operate your dealership within current DMV guidelines. You get to sit back and relax for 4 to 6 hours of dealer education (renewals 4 hr/ pre-licensing 6 hr). We will have you review your dealership with a series of questions and at the end of the course we will provide the course completion form.We teach private classes in all locations listed above as well as:

· Aptos
· Clovis
· Fresno
· Novato
· Ukiah

Prices for these classes:
1) $200 private renewal
2) $300 private pre-licensing

Additionally, we offer a “travel out” to your location
· the cost is $800 for up to three students, $200 for each additional student
· statewide coverage
· limited by our availability

Contact us for availability

Pre-License Only Class Options and Information:
· You must attend the class in person (6 hrs).
· You will study and take the DMV practice exam similar to the one given by your local inspector.
· A course certificate suitable for framing will be presented upon completion.
· Your certificate is good for one year.
· All materials are included.

Prices for these classes:
1) $100 – take our online tutorial before attending class & get $100.00 off your tuition
2) $200 – saves your seat
3) $300 – private pre-licensing class

Claudia Patton, retired dmv training manager, teaches our los angeles car dealer license class


do you want to learn from a qualified team of professionals ???

we are in our 16th year of teaching car dealer education

no one does it better in los angeles

we make it easy for you

in los angeles



Car Dealer School

please call 2

car collector dealer license class in fremont ( tesla headquarters )


the tax incentive

for serious car collectors

increases exponentially when

vehicles are acquired, held and disposed of through

a wholesale home based part time car dealer license.

come to our newest class

and learn how easy it is to get licensed


home past part time office

car dealer bond of $ 10k ( $ 300. per year )

car dealer insurance ( $ 2500. per year )

car dealer license plates ( $ 70. each per year )

wholesale ( tax free ) acquisition

wholesale ( dmv registration free ) acquisition

wholesale dmv auction access

classes start at $ 200. for this car dealer class location

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clovis car dealer classes

becoming a car dealer has never been easier

we teach more classes in more locations

than any other car dealer education provider

dmv certified since 1998

prices start at $ 100.






every car dealer must file a DBA

every car dealer applicant must file a DBA

this allows you to open the required car dealer bank account
you must present the filed DBA to your dmv inspector

good luck



fresno car dealer school

we are the real deal

we begin year 17 in april

come have lunch on us

and get certified to become a car dealer


Car Dealer School

sony duong can hook you up at the garden grove car dealer class

we call the dealer surety bond

a pretty pot of gold that

you must create and present to the dmv

it is a promise to three agencies of state government

the bond has a 12 month coverage period

with a three year claims period

for example:

2014 sales are covered thru 2017

by posting a bond you promise to:

always pay the dmv for fees and penalties

always pay the board of equalization its sales tax

honor all judicial orders for repayment

if you break your promise

the agency exercises your bond

the bond company makes payment to the agency

and you must make immediate repayment to the bond company

old school dealers have posted cash or savings

with a 3 year hold after you close the business

new school rents the money from the bond company

with the bond preminum based on the collective credit of the owners

wholesale only dealers with 24 sales per year or less can post a $ 10k bond

with preminums starting @ $ 300 per year

wholesale dealers above 24 sales per year or retail dealers

must post a $ 50k bond

with preminums starting at $ 850 per year

multiple year purchases are available with some discount

preminums for those with poor credit can exceed $ 5k per year with a $ 5k deposit

we suggest you contact sony at unipoint insurance services

( 714-677-0843 )

for an immediate bond quote

good luck





car dealer license plates are like GOLD


auction access is wonderful


having dealer plates is like holding GOLD


when you purchase a vehicle

with your car dealer license

the vehicle is held in inventory


legal use of that vehicle is allowed

by posting your car dealer license plate

on the vehicle


come and find out how to get 24/7 use of the dealer plate


car dealer school




always be careful with salvage vehicles

Nashville flood car

Sometimes a car deal sounds too good to be true – in which case, it may very well turn out to be a salvage. Most times you want to steer clear of these. Case in point involves vehicles with a salvage title.

When a vehicle has a salvage title, it typically means that at some point in its history it has been declared a total loss by an insurance company. This could be the result of an accident, fire, vandalism or other natural or man-made disaster. The damage the vehicle sustained has to be worth 75 percent of more of its value. Stolen vehicles that were recovered could also wind up with a salvage title in some states.

Another instance where a car ultimately carries a salvage title is government cars used for testing. After the testing is complete and the government has no further use for them, they are sold with a salvage title.

The salvage title is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), depending on the state, after going through an inspection. Note that inspection procedures vary from one state to another, with some being a simple VIN and emissions system check and others requiring a full inspection. Once a car has a salvage title, it cannot be driven, sold or titled in its current condition.

Salvage title cars may be able to be repaired and the DMV could issue a new title after a safety inspection. The vehicle will be “branded” as a salvage-title or restored salvage or resalvaged vehicle so that any prospective buyers know what they’re getting.

Is buying a car with a salvage title that’s been repaired always a bad idea? Experts say that if you have the time, money and are willing to go through having the vehicle properly repaired, a salvage title vehicle may be one choice. On the other hand, it could be a lengthy and expensive proposition, one that you might be better to avoid. Stick with a thoroughly inspected and mechanically sound used vehicle sold by a reputable dealer or private seller.


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